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Self Portrait of Aisha Hume

Welcome beautiful humans!


My name is Aisha.

Photography is something that has been in my blood from a young age. My Grandfather was an enthusiast.

When he passed, his vintage film and digital cameras were handed down to me.

I love working with film and digital, capturing almost anything. I am specifically drawn to working with individuals and bringing out their unique beauty. This is where my fashion and creative style comes into play.

Being a photographer is something special.

It opens your creative mind and enables you to think differently and freely to where the human eye wouldn't naturally gravitate. I love seeing a moment, an opportunity. Capturing a single everlasting image in a frame, simply freezing time!

I love the way humans are captured behind a lens.

Bringing out truth and inner beauty that isn't easily expressed in every day life, we are all so unique! God has made us perfect in his image.

My images represent how I think, the way I view people when they are being their raw unexposed self. I am able to catch them off guard, pressing the shutter when least expected. Adding additional spunk and sexiness with styling.

Now, let's make some magic!

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